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Why ship with Raven Cargo?

Every week, Raven Cargo hauls over a million pounds of product across the nation. Rain or snow, day or night, we ensure the job gets done right.

For reliable transportation, let us make the journey for you.



RavenEye™ Tracking

RavenEye™ is a centralized, cloud-based logistics transaction management and information exchange platform. RavenEyeTM provides a frictionless user experience for both carriers and shippers, and we believe it offers features that simply do not exist in the market today.



We are a team of forward-thinking and strategic professionals with decades of experience in the transportation industry. We provide efficient transportation solutions that ensure your valued cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time.


Whether you have a full or partial truckload, we offer optimized solutions and competitive pricing for dry van, flatbed, and refrigerated freight. With a large network spanning North America, we have the capacity to cover your full truckload shipping needs

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About 71 percent of the total freight tonnage in the U.S is moved by trucks.

Of all these deliveries, chances are there are some destinations that will not have the necessary equipment to facilitate safe and secure offloading.

Typically, when a package weighs more than 150 pounds, offloading it becomes quite a hassle especially if you are depending on raw manpower.

This leads to increased chances of an accident happening and the shipment getting damaged or people getting injured.

If you are looking to get cargo freighted to your premises and you do not have the right equipment to offload it, you need to consider employing a lift-gate delivery service.



For shipments of a time-sensitive and critical nature, we’ll work with you and provide options on LTL and FTL services. With our wide range of equipment, we can size your shipment to the correct truck for final mile delivery. From cargo vans to tractor-trailers, we’ll expedite across the Midwest and the nation.



Flatbed shipping is transportation for cargo that may not require the enclosure of a dry van, cannot be loaded or unloaded from a dock or does not fit within the dimensions of standard truck trailers. A flatbed’s design allows for cranes and forklifts to load goods from all angles. Benefits of flatbed shipping:

  • Flatbed shipping provides some dimensional flexibility for large freight since there are no physical walls.

  • Where dry van trailers are loaded from the rear, flatbed trucks can be loaded from either side, as well as the top and back.

  • Flatbed equipment includes step decks, double drops and RGNs



Many transportation companies claim to specialize in managing hazardous material shipments but often rely on the expertise of the carriers they hire. Raven Cargo has hazmat-certified experts in-house. We’ll plan every step of your hazardous material shipment – from carrier procurement to delivery. The stringent safety and insurance requirements for all of our contracted carriers ensure that your shipments are delivered timely and risk-free.

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Your cargo, our trucks.

Request a no-obligation quote, and one of our freight specialists will be with you shortly.

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